Danny Ripley – Stream Born Fly Fishing

Nova Scotia, Canada

I have spent much of my life on the water. Some of my earliest memories go back to a time when I would follow my dad to the river and not be able to see through the river grass because I was too short. Fly fishing is simply part of my identity, and living in Northern Nova Scotia I am at the center of some of the best fishing in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

My passion for the water led me to fulfill one of my dreams to start my own shop when I was seventeen years old with the help of my family. I ran Riptide for 22 years serving Atlantic Canada and beyond with the best customer service and knowledge available. Through Riptide, I had the opportunity to help my customers have many positive fly fishing experiences and firsts through advice, great products, and casting and fly tying instruction. Helping and teaching people about fly fishing is what I love the most, and is what I continue to do though guiding, instructing and as an Ambassador for Hardy, Simms and Airflo.

On the water, my passion lies in chasing Brook Trout, Atlantic salmon, Striped Bass, and brown trout either by myself, or with my son Hunter, or the numerous clients I guide each year as a nationally certified fishing guide.

In addition to fly fishing, my other passions lie in bow hunting and waterfowl hunting and in rebuilding and restoring freshwater fish habitat for native species. I spent 15 years as a habitat restoration specialist, restoring rivers in Northern Nova Scotia and consulting on other restoration projects across the province.

I look forward to continuing my fly fishing journey with you.

Tight lines!

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