Einarsson 7Plus Reel

You may not have heard of Einarsson before, I hadn’t. Einarsson Fly Fishing is based in Iceland and was born in 2007 from the natural evolution of founder Steingrimur Einarsson’s career of engineering and machining combined with his passion for fly fishing. Einarsson’s main focus is on designing and manufacturing top quality fly reels. Einarsson’s offers two series of reels: Plus and Invictus. We had a look at the Plus series:

The Plus series are made in a variety of sizes to cover all types of fishing situations: from resident trout in your local stream all the way up to 35 pounder’s on the Lower Humber; the 3Plus, 5Plus, 7Plus and 9Plus should have you covered.

Einarsson says “The aluminum parts of our reels are machined out of aircraft grade 6061 T651 CF aluminum to ensure strength and stability for a lifetime of hard use. A strong yet lightweight construction is what we have aimed for in our Plus reels series.” All models in the Plus series share the same brake system, it is completely sealed using saltwater-proof stainless steel parts, and are anodized according to Type II specifications to withstand the effects of salt water.

The majority of our fishing is for Atlantic salmon with 9-10′ single hand rods, so the 7Plus was a natural fit for us.

Rod Weights6-8
Weight192g / 6,98oz
Frame size100 x 32mm / 3,94″ x 1,26″
Capacity135m / 150yds WF7F 20lbs micron
MaterialAircraft grade 6061 T651 AL Type II Anodizing 20mµ

but if you are looking for something a little bigger (or smaller) check out one if it’s siblings :3Plus

Rod Weights3-5
Weight120g / 3,6oz
Frame size87 x 25mm / 3,4″ x 1″
Capacity40m / 100yds WF5F 20lbs micron
MaterialAircraft grade 6061 T651 AL Type II Anodizing 20mµ


Rod Weights4-6
Weight161g / 5,57oz
Frame size90 x 32mm / 3,54″ x 1,26″
Capacity90m / 100yds WF5F 20lbs micron
MaterialAircraft grade 6061 T651 AL Type II Anodizing 20mµ


Rod Weights8-10
Weight228g / 8,18oz
Frame size110 x 39mm / 4,33″ x 1,54″
Capacity180m / 200yds WF9F 30lbs micron
MaterialAircraft grade 6061 T651 AL Type II Anodizing 20mµ

Our Thoughts

Do I need another reel? Not really. I will admit, I do have a bit of a reel fetish. Once I saw the 7Plus I had to see what it was all about. I was very impressed with this reel right out of the box, aesthetically pleasing, made and finished with quality materials… it was just damn sexy. I brought the 7Plus along with me on a recent week-long Atlantic salmon trip to Labrador. My intention was to get a day or two on the water to give some feedback, but by the end of the week, I still had not taken it off.

The reel balanced perfect on my 9′ 8wt rod. The drag adjustment knob was large enough for easy access in the heat of battle, but not obtrusive. The drag itself is silky smooth, while remaining constant across all settings. Wide open the drag is very light, almost free spooling… but cranked down it could stop a truck if you needed to.  Now the important part…how does it sound?  Although, it’s not as loud as your grandfathers Hardy Perfect, it was louder then any of my other modern reels, it produced enough sweet sound to make me happy and let everyone around know it’s was go time.

I was happy to see that Einarsson chose to go with a bolt on clicker, given some companies are opting to use plastic push fit clickers to save a penny or two, it was nice to see function win over cost.  Einarsson states the capacity at 150yds of backing and a WF7F line. I spooled it up with both a Rio Grand WF8F and Varivas WF8F Distance Line and 200yds of backing. It still had a bit of room left so I think they are understating capacity a bit.
On another note, I personally like to support companies who do their part on the corporate responsibility front. Einarsson supports the North Atlantic Salmon Fund via the One Percent For The Planet program, so good on them.
Off the shelf the 7Plus retails for $665 CDN.  Check them out at :  http://www.einarsson.com/

Looking forward to trying out an Invictus !