Patagonia Stormfront® Roll Top Pack

I have struggled with the ideal way to carry gear.  I started years ago with your standard issue fly vest, cotton, poorly fitted, big wool fly patch, you know the one.  I have tried them all, 1/2 day packs, chest packs, hip packs, stuffing fly boxes down the front of my waders, they all work in a pinch, but not ideal… I quickly turned to a purpose-built Fly Fishing Jacket,  which I love dearly but for those longer days, more remote pools, you need to carry a bit more stuff.

This brought me to the Patagonia Stormfront® Roll Top Pack.  This isn’t my first dry bag,  I sometimes carry a DSLR and lens so I have a SealLine  Boundary pack in the closet that has served me well over the years, but I find it a bit large for my needs and it is a bit clunky in design.


100% waterproof, fully-welded construction with a single-side TPU coating

Padded shoulder straps and adjustable waistbelt are lined with 100% polyester 3D spacer mesh
Exterior lash points and rod tube holders
Exterior quick stash pocket
Shoulder straps are designed to accept the vest front from our Convertible Vest (sold separately)
Pack: 11.75-oz 800-denier 100% nylon with an exterior PU and interior TPU single-side coating. Front mesh pocket: 4.5-oz 100% polyester 3-D spacer mesh
807 g (1 lb 12 oz)


At 30L the Stormfront® is the perfect size, just big enough to carry the essentials, I can fit a DSLR, an extra layer, water filter, lunch and still have room for some extra fly boxes if needed.  All buckled down, the pack maintains a low profile and the padded straps and back rest keep you comfortable.  My pack has a solid 4 years of aggressive use on and off the river, and I can say it looks the same as the day I bought it. As with everything else Patagonia, they made it to last, quality materials and workmanship… Bomb-proof I think is the term.

At 179.00 CAD is a lot easier on your pocketbook then its more expensive sibling the Stormfront® Pack 25L ($365.00) and its 5 liters bigger as well.

Pick one up at Patagonia Halifax :