The Green Highlander

The Green Highlander origns can be traced back to 1885 in Francis Francis’ “A Book on Angling” and George Kelson’s 1895 “The Salmon Fly”. The Green Highlander is a favourite on many salmon rivers.

Hook – Partridge Bartleet Supreme

Thread – Red Danvilles Flymaster 6/0

Tag – Small Lagartun Oval Silver Tinsel/Yellow Floss

Tail – Pheasant Crest

Butt – Ostrich Herl

Rib – Small Lagartun Oval Silver Tinsel behind Uni Small Mylar

Body – Yellow Danvilles Floss & Green Danvilles Floss

Wing – Sunburst Opossum Topped with Black Opossum

Hackle – Green Hen Saddle/ Yellow Hen Saddle

Head – Red Danvilles Flymaster 6/0