The Rusty Rat

The Rusty Rat is one of the most famous hairwing flies today, like most popular flies the Rusty Rat has a great history & story, originating from a collaborative effort between Joseph Pulitzer II and Clovis Arseneault.

Pulitzer an avid fisherman noticed one day while fishing the Restigouche River with a Black Rat tied by Clovis that the body of his fly became exposed after landing a few Atlantic Salmon, the damaged Black Rat was now showing an underlying layer of rusty coloured dental floss used by Clovis, continuing to fish the fly Pulitzer proceeded to land a 40+ pound Atlantic Salmon on the “rusty” coloured fly.

After his trip, he took what remained of the damaged fly back to Clovis and had him create a reproduction of the “rusty” fly and Rusty Rat was born.

Hook – Partridge Bartleet Supreme

Thread – Red Danvilles (56) Flymaster 6/0

Tag – Small Lagartun Oval Gold Tinsel

Tail – Peacock Swords

Rib – Small Lagartun Oval Gold Tinsel

Body – Rear, Rusty Orange Uni-Floss. Front Peacock Herl

Veil – Rusty Orange Uni-Floss extending half length of the tail.

Wing – Gray Fox Guard Hairs

Hackle – Grizzle Hen Saddle

Head – Red Danvilles (56) Flymaster 6/0