Trash Fish by Smith Creek

I spend a fair bit of time on the river, and it still amazes me the amount of garbage people leave on the shore, fishing leader in particular. Did you know that it takes 600 years for mono-filament fishing line to decompose?

Being fairly environmentally conscious (I cut all my 6 pack rings, so should you), I have tried it all: stuffing my old discarded leader into a pocket, jamming it down my waders, putting it under my hat. It all ends up with the same result, it unravels and at some point ends up getting in the way or falling on the ground. I have tried rotary tippet tools, but they are made of plastic, clunky, and not all that easy to clean out. Plus, try winding nine feet of leader onto one. I could never find a simple way to deal with it. Regardless of how much leader you use, you should pack it out.

Here’s the solution: the Trash Fish by Smith Creek

Smith Creek describes the Trash Fish as “a waste tippet, leader and mono-filament management system allows you to easily coil and control the waste line that’s created while fishing. It’s the spent-line- wrangler that allows anglers to coil spent line, then holds it together in their pocket until it’s ready to be trashed.”

Smith Creek president / designer Wayne Smith says “I see way too much fishing line on the riverbank and I got so tired of re-stuffing spent leaders and tippets back into my vest pocket that I finally designed a tool to make them stay put. And no, I didn’t want another tool hanging from my vest but something simple and slim, which easily fits unto my pocket. This is a serious, easy to use and well made tool.”

What’s in the package?

Quite simply, in eco-friendly fashion, you get the tool itself in a recycled cardboard sleeve. It is lightweight but rugged, made from anodized marine grade aluminium, stainless steel fasteners, and UV resistant materials. As well, I really like the packaging, simple and effective, attractive to the eye, no excess waste, and as I mentioned, is made from recycled material.

How does it work?

Pretty simple really, just wrap around your fingers and pull the leader into the tool :

Here is a quick video on how to use the Trash Fish :