Varivas Ultimate Distance Line

Want to cast farther ?  Who doesn’t!  We may have the answer.  Varivas, out of Japan, offers the full gamut of fishing lines : mono, fluorocarbon, tippet, backing, and fly lines (both single and double handed ).  Their Shooting Lines have become very popular with competition spey casters and west coast steelhead and salmon anglers alike, and they are now gaining popularity with the rest of the North American Fly market.  We had an opportunity to give one of their weight forward single handed lines a go… the”Ultimate Distance”.  The Ultimate Distance incorporates the Varivas Precision Power taper….a long front taper, around 35 feet, which combined with a long section of running/handling line is perfect for long casts and mega mends.  Varivas also says that the Ultimate Distance line incorporates a flex fusion compound, “which significantly reduces the frictional resistance, while providing excellent control with increased buoyancy, strength, and durability”.


The Ultimate Distance Line comes in these other weight and color combos :

327mBlue, Sand
427mBlue, Sand
527mBlue, Sand
627mBlue, Sand
727mBlue, Sand
827mBlue, Sand


I spent a few days on the water with this line in late summer fishing for Atlantic Salmon.  I was super pleased with its performance.  My first thought was that his line is ultra slick, was a nice change of the other lines I had been running this season.  On the water, the line is super buoyant, it noticeably sits up on the water, which in turn makes for easy pick up.  The long front taper allowed for long accurate casts as well as allowing for large technical mends.  The low friction coating was also very noticeable when shooting line, it shot through the guides with ease.  As well, the line has minimal stretch to it, which allows for fast hook sets and a delicate feel.   The line we tested was their vibrant blue color, the contrast against the dark peat stained water we are accustomed to, made it easy to see.

My only complaint, was that the line was lacking loop ends (on either end).  Not a huge deal, but I prefer having loops on both ends my self.  It was easily remedied with a beer, some braided loops, and some ZAP-A-GAP.

Check them out :

Varivas is available in available in Canada through the Pieroway Rod Company :